Glassatelier Hebing Efteland's

014 HotPot Norge Glassatelier Hebing Efteland by white PInk rhinestone

Happy Spring!

Have you seen these lovely new SnapOns?? Great for adding some versatility to your wardrobe! Glue your favourite glass pieces on and shift when you want a different look. How easy is that?? Enjoy!









    SnapOn Rhinestone Bracelets                                                            











SnapOn Braided leather               Elegant Bracelet                             Rubber Bracelet







Stay safe and HAPPY FUSING!





HotPot Glass Fusing Workshops

Weekdays  11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Available in Norwegian and English, unless otherwise specified.



    Tuesday        16

    Wednesday  24



   Monday         06

   Monday         27



Due to the current Covid-19 situation, class sizes will be reduced. Dates will therefore dissappear once they are booked up.

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